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"It has become clear to me that what I’m actually teaching, regardless of the topic or subject matter, is life. I’m teaching human beings how to fearlessly identify, use and serve the world with their gifts and talents. I am teaching them the very skills that we know will be demanded of humanity in the 21st century.”                                                                                                     - Dr. Amma

With 18+ years of teaching at the university level, Dr. Amma has advised, led master classes, and consulted for professionals across several industries, including: television executives endeavoring to innovate business solutions and tell more authentic stories, show creators striving to tell compelling historical narratives in film/TV, Broadway choreographers seeking to deepen their historical knowledge for new work development, scholars and archivists desiring new artistic methods to tell history, 6-12 grade teachers in National Endowment for the Humanities-funded summer institutes aiming to teach race and performance in U.S. history, Broadway producers and artists developing curricula for a pioneering, new theatre school, et al.

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Dr. Amma empowers creatives and executives to assess the impact and potential of the works they create, the stories they tell, and their creative and business processes. As a generative artist herself, Dr. Amma works with  creatives from an embodied appreciation of what the human spirit, mind, and body need to be creative, fulfilled, and honored.


Dr. Amma’s singular approach to consulting and coaching encourages clients to work from a place that honors their own gifts/talents and unique perspectives.

She says: “I want my clients, collaborators, and fellow learners to be fearless and just as familiar with the archive or historical context as they are with the stage, with footnotes and theory as they are with the importance of story beats and character arcs, and with a 19th century daguerreotype as they are with an episode of their latest favorite TV show.”



“Her emphasis on the process of learning, not the result of it, requires tremendous trust in her scholartists, but it is that faith that empowers us to invest in the material and explore as a scholar should...

Dr. Amma does not force us to learn; she inspires us to do so.”

—  Tyler Daugherty's student testimonial.

On the occasion of Dr. Amma's selection as

UGA's Center for Teaching and Learning's Teacher of the Week (Fall 2016)

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