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Dr. Amma addresses the global animation film/TV industry on the power of authentic storytelling.

Dr. Amma joins JusticeRx as the new

VP of Creative Affairs.

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Read the official announcement of Dr. Amma's lifetime selection as a

TED Fellow. "The TED Fellows program supports extraordinary, iconoclastic individuals at work on world-changing projects..."

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Anthony Veneziale, Co-Founder of Freestyle Love Supreme--the famed improv theatre ensemble that launched Lin-Manuel Miranda--talks with Dr. Amma in this Audible for Business podcast episode about her scholartistry, collaboration, and the joy of improvisational thinking.

© 2021 by Dr. Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin.

Associated Press coverage of Dr. Amma and her collaborators on [the Georgia Incarceration Project].

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University at Buffalo's magazine -- coincidentally also titled "At Buffalo" -- chronicles Dr. Amma and the AT BUFFALO Team's on location work in Buffalo, NY to revise the musical within the very archives and historic sites that make up the musical's narrative. 

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Melissa Harris-Perry features Dr. Amma's words of advice for Malia Obama in ELLE digital magazine.

Esteemed Buffalo historian Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold interviews Dr. Amma about AT BUFFALO for the local television program "They've Got Stories to Tell". Produced by Uncrowned Community Builders.

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